For Health Providers

SeeMe is a Class 1 medical device, developed by experts in rehabilitation and software programming in compliance with the most rigorous standards of quality. SeeMe as a CE Mark,  ISO 13485:2012 and Israeli AMAR (Approval Medical Device).


SeeMe was developed by and for clinicians; there is no need for technical skills.  

SeeMe also offers a very fast learning curve. Only a few clicks, and the therapeutic session is ready!  In case where a patient needs adaptations, the changes can be done "on the spot" with no loss of valuable therapeutic time!

SeeMe is the most versatile Virtual Reality tool in the market, The system can be used to address issues associated with a wide range of conditions including different functional, motor, cognitive and perceptual problems tailored for children, adults or seniors. SeeMe is in current daily use by physical and occupational therapists, psychologists and doctors in the best world Clinics and Hospitals.

Arie Burstin, Head of the Physical Therapy Dept. in the Beit Rivka Geriatric Rehabilitation Center in ISRAEL, Co-Founder of SeeMe system, says:

SeeMe is the ideal tool for rehabilitation, easy to use and to be adapted to different patients and pathologies.

In a moment we are able to program a therapeutic sequence, or to use one of the preprogramed. We have always full control of all the parameters, and in a second we can change the objects position, velocity or appearance to help and challenge our patients.  
SeeMe can assure your clients are receiving treatment according to clinical guidelines, at the frequency and intensity recommended by the most recent research.
The treatments are well documented: each patient has a personal file (of course encrypted according to the most rigorous standards), and can deliver formatted reports of status and progress to doctors and insurers.