For patients

We believe in rehabilitation by fun. We believe that the more fun you have exercising, the more motivated you will be to stay on track.


SeeMe combines therapeutic tasks with interactive games (Kinect technology) to make your rehabilitation process easier, fun and more effective.  "No more daily boring exercises!" Patient motivation is one of the best features of SeeMe system.


See what some of our patients say:



Yoel, 72 y/o Normotensive Hydrocephalus, Gait Apraxia


"When I play with SeeMe I feel that my grandchildren are  proud of me. Therapy is fun and I feel great!"


Bruria, 76 y/o High Level Gait Disorders, recurrent falls


"Let me tell you that it's a game…. but I know that actually I make many repetitions of exercises in an amazing way.  I feel strong and confident again"


Ariela, 75 y/o. In rehab after a Hip Fracture


"When I clean virtual windows, I feel like a young girl.  I forget about pain and disability! At the same time, I am improving every day! "



Haim 79 y\o, three months after stroke


"I can train with bilateral movements and keep my balance. It's make me very happy"​